The Best of The U.S.

Here I lay out my reviews of local adventures in the United States of America

Drone + Phone : Yosemite 

Like everyone who wakes up at 4:30am to catch sunrise in Yosemite National Park, I forgot all my extra batteries at home. 4 of the shots were from my DSLR and the rest of the video was shot on an iPhone 6 and a drone.


Horseshoe Bend + Antelope Canyon

Filmed in 48 hours - Edited the next day


Del Mar, California

Give me a year and you'll be watching videos of me jumping out of balloons like this, but for now check out this short video of Laura and myself drifting down the coast at sunset.


-Laura scored this balloon ride on  Groupon

-We booked through a company called Panorama Balloon Tours

-Panorama Balloon Tours was a nightmare to lock in a date for our ride

-Imagine a guy named Bill (his name is actually Bill) who decided to buy a balloon and made a company. No customer service and seems like a one man show.

-Bring a headphone splitter for your group. Seems like a weird item to bring, but this will block out all the noise of the randoms in your basket and make your ride a majestic casual one. 

-Ever wonder how a hot air balloon lands? Well it doesn't  - it crashes. Our landing was a heavy one that may or may not have made for an epic video clip of Laura getting whiplashed (clip to come). Be warned.

-Balloon rides all depend on wind direction. Beware that this may result in your ride being rebooked.


Dana Point , California 

If you’re either looking for a unique adventure or you’re just obsessed with dolphins, click that triangle on this video.

I’ve noticed that a lot of time when looking for adventures we tend to look far off from our current location. This dolphin safari was just 45 minutes away from the LA area and was a blast. As much as I love telling people I strapped my camera onto a dolphin’s fin, I used a GoPole so don’t forget to barrow that from a friend.


- Bring a GoPro with some sort of pole (Thats how I got my underwater shots)

- One full charged Gopro Battery is enough.

- Don’t get the coffee there

- 2 hour safari - $60.00 



The Video: