South Africa 

The Movie:


Video Journal (how it started):

I was on a plane about to touch down in Johannesburg, South Africa when I had a massive surge of inspiration. I was hyper conscious of just how epic my next 4 months were going to be and I wanted to document it properly. Previous on my Spain trip, I had journaled on my phone and as much as I loved reading it afterwards - I hated writing it. This sparked The VOD (Video Of The Day). Because I didn't like writing, I figured I would just film each day.


This put a high demand on my time that I realistically wouldn't have, so I decided that I would flip the model of quality verses quantity on it's head. I decided to cut the import and export process out of the equation by filming and editing everything on my iPhone 5.  I didn't care if people like them or not, I was purely making them for my own memory sake and besides, the iPhone 5 does shoot HD.

I started posting these to Instagram to update my family back home and quickly I found that family members of other students at my study abroad semester ending up creating accounts just to be updated. With the massive response I received through comments on Instagram, I started feeling the need to produce better content - you can see this higher production value as the semester went on.

Next Post:

Panoramic photos are pretty epic but no one really shares them.

Next i'll be posting some of my favorite panorama photos from this beautiful country.