The Video:

How The Trip Came About:

After reading an email in Fiji it looked like Kenya was the next unexpected stop.

Good friend of mine and CEO of Barnabas Clothing Company, Alex Aquino, gave me the news that the company was preparing for their first trip to visit The Living Room International.

The Living Room International is one of the two hospices in all of Kenya and just like Barnabas - was started by Azusa Pacific University alumni. Barnabas gives 10% of every sale directly to The Living Room. 

I originally was plugged into Barnabas in 2012 when I interned for them as a Brand Manager but left to go travel and study abroad. Through my travels and taking photos with Barnabas’ clothing, #BarnabasOnAssignment was born. #BarnabasOnAssignment is now a team of individuals that are selected to represent Barnabas Clothing through their travels in efforts to show the brands slogan of “Live a Life Worth Imitating”.

After about a year of me representing the company globally, Alex emailed me asking if I was on board to film and document the adventure and edit it into a #BarnabasOnAssignment promotional video.

A month later I landed in LAX, spent 2 days with my family - drove to Seattle to work for a week - drove back down to pack a few t-shirts and I was back in the air off to another country i’ve never seen before.