Behind the scenes - White Flag (Music Video)

Filmed by the bandEdited by me.

In 2010 I was handed a CD by my brother.

In 2012 that same brother was getting married to Rebekah who was born and raised in India.

Rebekah asked Zoey Johnson, from India, to be her maid of honor.

 Zoey is the sister of Jordan Johnson.

Jordan Johnson is the singer/songwriter on the CD I was given in 2010.

Jordan, also from India flew out to the wedding to play a few songs and network with some producers in LA. 

After the wedding, Jordan and I talked about his youtube channel and his passion for music for about an hour. We shook hands and that was pretty much the extent of our relationship. 

Fast forward to September of 2014, I just wrapped up an edit I shot for Barnabas Clothing in Kenya and I was starting my first semester back in the United States after traveling for a year and half. 

Just when I thought I was trapped for an entire year of school I received this message from Jordan…


“Let me know if you have any ideas” ?!?!

How does you flying me out to film it sound for a plan !?

And that's exactly what happen.

We figured the only time I could come was the two weeks before Christmas which left us just over two months to take care of all concepts and logistics. Below is the video we came up with which has gone on to air on MTV Idies, VH1,  and various local channels. Impressions on the video is estimated at over 1,000,000. For this project I did everything but play in the band. 


The Music Video


Grid Shot by: Sean Tuckey


Grid Shot By: Nicole Johnson