Diving With Sharks:

Just a few bull sharks.

30+ bull sharks to be a bit more precise. These two 40 minute dives made up one of my favorite experiences abroad. For around $160 USD, we were able to come within inches of these sharks as they were being fed. The close call you see at 0:53 is the shark mistaking my GoPro for food. Due to me hysterically laughing after the close call, I ran out of oxygen before the rest of the group and had to surface about 10 minutes early. 


Video Journal:

During this 5 month adventure, I chose to document my daily life and adventures through 15 second edits. I focused more on quality edits verses quantity, unlike my Video Journal from South Africa. This is the compilation of all edits. 


Working For Souvenirs:

Below is an edit I made for a company called "Chair In The Air". They hand made these epic looking hammock type chairs at a resort I often found myself on the weekends to surf and I wanted them for souvenirs.

Because I was at the resort so frequently, I ended up getting to know the owner and his kids pretty well and offered to make a video that he could use to spice up his email to other resorts around the globe he was trying to sell to. In return for this video, I ended up with 5 hammocks, one of which I sold to pay for the shipping costs for the other 4. 


Next Post:

I've found that while traveling you take some pretty awful and blurry photos but often, these have the best stories.

My next post i'll be featuring a few blurry photos along with their epic tales.